As Luck Would Have It

If February was the month of love, then March is the month of good luck!  And it’s easy to see why, good luck is all around us—even in ways you may not realize. 

For example, did you know in India and Thailand an elephant is considered lucky? And the elephant isn’t even the only lucky animal in Asian culture. In China, a golden toad statue with a coin in its mouth brings wealth and prosperity during the New Year. While in Japan, a waving cat statue called a “Neko” brings good luck.  

But more than just animals are considered lucky. In China, it is widely believed the color red stands for good fortune and luck with money. And in Ireland, green is the color of good luck—so don’t forget to wear it on St. Patrick’s Day this year!

Various nature items are also considered lucky in different cultures. You’ve probably heard that finding a four-leaf clover is good luck, but did you know that in England acorns symbolize luck in health and wellness. In Germany, hanging a mushroom ornament on your Christmas tree is supposed to bring you well wishes through the holiday season. 

Not all luck is naturally occurring, some cultures craft their way to good fortune. In France, they made yarn dolls during World War I to give to soldiers for good luck in battle. And in Mexico, they carve miniature wooden chams called “Milagros” to wear for good luck—and the Chippewa Native Americans made dream catchers to bestow good luck on sleepers suffering from nightmares. 

I guess it’s true, March is the month of luck, but good luck is all around us if we know where to look. Have a happy and lucky March!